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CBT Nuggets - Microsoft Azure 70-533

December 11, 2017

Microsoft Azure posted 90% growth in the third quarter of 2017 and holds the title as the fastest growing public cloud platform.


The opportunity in cloud computing is clear. Most companies are implementing or investigating how to implement cloud technologies within their operations. Don't be left behind. Be ahead of the curve by getting Azure certified, and be ready for the opportunity to advance your career.


The next time your resume is on someone's desk—be it a promotion at work or a new job opportunity—you cannot afford to have such an obvious gap in knowledge. Industry trends show that supporting applications that have cloud-hosted components is becoming the in-demand skill of tomorrow. Having Azure skills on your resume will only help you get in front of more hiring managers, and land more jobs.


This course goes through all of the skills needed to take and pass the Microsoft certification exam, 70-533: Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions. While other online resources cover bits and pieces of the topic, I can confidently say this course goes deep on everything you need to know for this exam.


This course teaches all of the requirements for this exam, one by one. Each of the things that Microsoft tests for will be covered in this course. The exam has 6 objectives and 25 sub-objectives, and this course has 25 sections that match them exactly.



1. Exam 70-533 - Implementing Azure Infrastructure Solutions.mp4

2. Introduction to Azure Websites.mp4
3. Azure Websites - Building and Deploying.mp4
4. Azure Websites - Deploying and Scheduling WebJobs.mp4
5. Azure Websites - Site Settings.mp4
6. Azure Websites - Custom Domain Features.mp4
7. Azure Websites - Logging and Monitoring.mp4
8. Azure Websites - Monitoring, Rules, and Analytics.mp4
9. Azure Websites - Auto Scaling.mp4
10. Azure Websites - Resource Groups and Hosting Plans.mp4
11. Introduction to Azure Virtual Machines.mp4
12. Azure Virtual Machines - Deploying VMs.mp4
13. Azure Virtual Machines - Uploading Disks.mp4
14. Azure Virtual Machines - Custom Images.mp4
15. Azure Virtual Machines - Configuration Management.mp4
16. Azure Virtual Machines - VM Networking.mp4
17. Azure Virtual Machines - Availability and Scaling.mp4
18. Azure Virtual Machines - Storage Planning.mp4
19. Azure Virtual Machines - Metrics and Alerts.mp4
20. Introduction To Azure Cloud Services.mp4
21. Azure Cloud Services - Deploying Packages.mp4
22. Azure Cloud Services - Basic Configuration.mp4
23. Azure Cloud Services - Network Configuration.mp4
24. Azure Cloud Services - IIS Configuration.mp4
25. Azure Cloud Services - Storage Caching.mp4
26. Azure Cloud Services - Scaling.mp4
27. Azure Cloud Services - Monitoring and Diagnostics.mp4
28. Introduction to Azure Storage.mp4
29. Azure Storage - Containers and Blobs.mp4
30. Azure Storage - Uploading Data to Storage.mp4
31. Azure Storage - CDNs and Custom Domains.mp4
32. Azure Storage - Access Management.mp4
33. Azure Storage - Diagnostics and Monitoring.mp4
34. Azure Storage - SQL Databases.mp4
35. Azure Storage - SQL Database Availability.mp4
36. Introduction to Azure Active Directory.mp4
37. Azure Active Directory - Directory Sync.mp4
38. Azure Active Directory - Office 365 Sync.mp4
39. Azure Active Directory - Monitoring.mp4
40. Azure Active Directory - SaaS Single Sign-On.mp4
41. Azure Active Directory - Integrate with Custom Apps.mp4
42. Introduction to Azure Virtual Networks.mp4
43. Azure Virtual Networks - Configuration and Deployment.mp4
44. Azure Virtual Networks - Addressing and Load Balancing.mp4
45. Azure Virtual Networks - Multi-Site Networking .mp4





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