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Lynda - Learning Cisco CLI Router Configuration

December 11, 2017


Learn how to configure a Cisco router to transmit data between local area networks and connect to the Internet. In this course with Denise Allen-Hoyt you'll find out how to configure a Cisco router via the command-line interface using an out-of-band connection. She'll explain how to access the router's three modes—user EXEC, privileged EXEC, and global configuration—and use commands to configure essential settings. In the final chapter, she'll demonstrate how to verify and save your configuration so when the router is shut down or reloaded the settings are maintained.

Topics include:

Accessing a Cisco router

Exploring terminal emulation

Configuring a router hostname

Disabling IP domain lookup

Securing access

Configuring interfaces and routes

Setting up dynamic router





00. Introduction/00_01 - Welcome.mp4

00. Introduction/00_02 - What you should know before watching this course.mp4

00. Introduction/00_03 - Using the exercise files.mp4

00. Introduction/00_04 - Exploring the router.mp4

01. Accessing the Router/01_01 - The Cisco 1841 router.mp4

01. Accessing the Router/01_02 - Using out-of-band router access.mp4

01. Accessing the Router/01_03 - Exploring terminal emulation.mp4

01. Accessing the Router/01_04 - Introducing to user mode, privileged mode, and global configuration mode.mp4

01. Accessing the Router/01_05 - Using the built-in help.mp4

02. Global Commands/02_01 - Configuring a router hostname.mp4

02. Global Commands/02_02 - Disabling IP domain lookup.mp4

02. Global Commands/02_03 - Creating a banner message.mp4

02. Global Commands/02_04 - Saving the active config and viewing the start and run files.mp4

03. Secure Management Access/03_01 - Securing console and Telnet access.mp4

03. Secure Management Access/03_02 - Securing Privileged EXEC mode access.mp4

03. Secure Management Access/03_03 - Encrypting passwords.mp4

04. Configuring Interfaces/04_01 - Viewing the router interfaces.mp4

04. Configuring Interfaces/04_02 - Configuring ethernet interfaces.mp4

04. Configuring Interfaces/04_03 - Configuring serial interfaces.mp4

04. Configuring Interfaces/04_04 - Configuring the loopback interface.mp4

05. Configuring Static and Default Routes/05_01 - Introducing the routing table and static routes.mp4

05. Configuring Static and Default Routes/05_02 - Working with recursive static routes.mp4

05. Configuring Static and Default Routes/05_03 - Using directly connected static routes.mp4

05. Configuring Static and Default Routes/05_04 - Configuring default static routes.mp4

06. Configuring Dynamic Routing/06_01 - Understanding dynamic routing.mp4

06. Configuring Dynamic Routing/06_02 - Introducing the RIPv2 routing protocol.mp4

06. Configuring Dynamic Routing/06_03 - Basic RIPv2 configuration.mp4

06. Configuring Dynamic Routing/06_04 - Configuring passive interfaces and forwarding the default route.mp4

07. Verifying Configurations/07_01 - Displaying route configuration.mp4

07. Verifying Configurations/07_02 - Displaying running and startup configurations.mp4

07. Verifying Configurations/07_03 - Displaying interface configurations.mp4

07. Verifying Configurations/08_01 - Goodbye.mp4


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